Family Therapy

Coping with the challenges of life can drain a family’s emotional and physical resources to the point that one’s “family” reserves are depleted. The good times can become a faint memory. Counseling can help you with the challenges of raising your children or raising your spirits.

Effective family counseling must begin with the bonding of values between therapist and family members. An effective counselor will never dictate the values to which family members must subscribe. When the values between therapist and family are incompatible, therapy cannot be successful. Rather than tell you how to parent, Family Counseling will focus on helping you be the parent you want to be by providing strategies that help you reach your goals.

Family Therapy is provided to families with issues surrounding parenting, blending new families together, divorce, bereavement, school related problems, and can include  Child and Family Therapy, Abuse and Violence Counseling, Realtionship Building, Communication, and dealing with Life Transitions or Grief and Loss.

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