Individual Therapy

People often struggle with a sense of feeling trapped and defined by their problems.  So often in this culture, our problems become identity statements about ourselves.  Through therapy, clients see themselves as separate from depression, anxiety or whatever issue they are facing.  With this separation, clients are better able to locate their possibly forgotten strengths and abilities.  I believe that the problem is the problem… not the person.

Individual therapy is provided for relationship difficulties, pre-marital issues, depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety due to pressures from school or work, life transitions such as career or job change, separation or divorce, sudden illness, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, and changes in sexual orientation.  Therapy is available to every age group.  This type of therapy is a can be brief, solution-focused therapy, with attainable therapeutic goals designed with the "end in mind”, or it can be longer depending on the presenting issues.


Child Counseling Services
Abuse and Violence Counseling
Student Counseling
Life Transitions
Third Gender Issues and Non-traditional Sexual Orientation