Adult Therapy

Sometimes challenging emotions can get the best of you. They can start running the show and make choices for you. They can choose isolation rather than connecting, playing it safe instead of living fully, quick fixes instead of real solutions, procrastination over action. You may even fear that things will never get better and tell yourself to “just settle for less.”

Ask yourself: What will it cost me. . .

          If I continue to fee stressed and irritable?

          If I continue to struggle in my relationships?

          If I continue to procrastinate?

          If I continue to let depression, anxiety or grief get the best of me?

Consider also what will it cost my children and loved ones if I don’t live up to my full potential?

We often think we do not have time to tend to ourselves because that takes away from the time we need to support our family. The reality is that you cannot help anyone fully until you help yourself.

If you are paying a price, you are not alone. Many people experience these challenges at some point during their lives. Therapy can help clients renew their confidence and create peaceful and productive lives.