Child Counseling Services

Committed to supporting students, parents, and educators in their efforts to reduce the negative impact of the unavoidable stressors our children face in our schools and communities, child counseling sets out to meet the needs of the child as well as the family unit involved.

The emotional demands placed on our children in the socially challenging and academically competitive school environments can result in behavioral problems and generate obstacles to developing important life skills. Behavior has a meaningful explanation.  All too often a child's challenging behavior is made light of by dismissing it as a demonstration of rebellion, attention seeking, or an opposition to authority. These are not explanations for the behaviors but labels that we have come to accept as way of identifying the alleged "cause" of the behavior.

A child's problematic behavior can be as much a problem for them as it is for you and your family, and often the child can find it to be as much of a mystery as you do. Most of us would prefer to identify a simple cause/effect relationship that would explain why our children are struggling academically or socially. Often, too much energy is spent looking for a “simple explanation" in an effort to blame someone for the "problem” rather than in looking for the answers to help them address the issues at hand.

Through child counseling we will work together to build a plan that fully examines the nature of each of these relationships and find interventions that will help your child work through behavior issues.