Parenting Styles

The format of this six-part course will be a combination of a short lecture and class participation. Discussions will focus on:

1) The Parent -Child Match -Focus will be on temperament and how that effects communication styles. Keirsui-bates temperament indicator and the seven aspects of self-regulatory behavior will be used as a foundation for discovering how temperament fits with other family members.

2) The Reality of Self Esteem -Self-esteem is not about saying, "you're the greatest". What is really meant by this concept? How can we promote a solid sense of self in our children? Using the latest research findings, we will look at how we can foster the authentic self.

3) Signs of Stress in Children -A Developmental Look -This class will focus on how children relate and react to stress as well as warning signs parents need to look for. Strategies for lessening stress will also be discussed.

4) Conflicting Parenting Styles (husband/wife) -Presenting a united front is a basic tenant in "successful parenting". What goes on behind the scenes can be another story. This class will look at parenting conflicts, understanding their origins and minimizing their impacts.

5) Parenting Tips and Techniques -Parents will bring to class examples of unresolved issues, and well-resolved issues. Using the knowledge and skills gained from the previous 4 classes, we will discuss how these situations might have been handles differently now. Gayle and Maggie will share their tried and true "top 5 picks". Be prepared to share yours, too.

6) Why can't they just get along (siblings, friends and relatives)? -It's a given siblings fight. But do we as parents unknowingly fuel the fire? We will look at how we can promote better sibling and friend relationships and encourage problem solving.