The Middle School Years

New middle schoolers are taking on both more freedom and more responsibility. At the same time, they are undergoing tremendous emotional, social and physical changes. In fact the fastest and most dramatic change of life occurs when a child enters puberty. Aging happens slowly, but puberty comes on with such suddenness that it often catches preteens and parents unaware. In just a few months, your son or daughter is a child no longer, and you will be searching for answers to the familiar question, "Where did my baby go?"

Children do not all mature at the same rate. While most will experience dramatic changes in their middle school years, early bloomers may start seeing changes as early as 8 or 9 years of age.

Middle schoolers will begin to push themselves out of the family nest. Parents have the power to make their transition easier as well as less painful and risky. This workshop will teach you how to do that as well teach you about the social, organizational and motivational factors that affect his age group.