Internet-Based Counseling

While I realize that many individuals prefer face to face counseling, it is hard to ignore the fast, often inconvenient pace of life.  Because of this, OCC recognizes that there are so many individuals in need of support and guidance that are not getting help.  “Life gets in the way” many times, and we tend to ignore our own needs.  Often times, the very steps we need to take for ourselves, are the first steps that we tend to ignore.  Taking care of ourselves is not selfish it’s SELF CARE. 


Through the use of Email and Instant Messaging, OCC offers professional, convenient, and quality counseling services that work for you. No more finding time to travel to a counseling appointment, or putting off a session because life has gotten in the way. 

OCC offers Internet-Based Counseling to all clients. This option provides clients with the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback via email. OCC has found that clients benefit from this option not only be receiving lengthy feedback, but the actual “act” of writing down your thoughts and feelings has been found to be highly effective. This option allows clients to formulate their thoughts and feelings in an email and ask specific questions to their counselor at their own pace. In turn, they will receive a detailed response to their email. This option does not require an appointment with your counselor and can be utilized at any time. Emails are responded to no later than 48 hours after received, most times sooner than the 48 hour time frame.

Online counseling services provide an additional resource to our existing clients. Internet-Based counseling services can be used to supplement face-to-face and Telephone services. Online counseling utilizes Instant Messaging as well as Email or Skype. Fees for Internet-Based Counseling can be found on the previous links. Find out how to get started with Internet-Based Counseling.

If you are trying to decide between Telephone and Skype Counseling, click here.