Telephone Counseling

While I realize that many individuals prefer face to face counseling, it is hard to ignore the fast, often inconvenient pace of life.  Because of this, OCC recognizes that there are so many individuals in need of support and guidance that are not getting help.  “Life gets in the way” many times, and we tend to ignore our own needs.  Often times, the very steps we need to take for ourselves, are the first steps that we tend to ignore.  Taking care of ourselves is not selfish it’s SELF CARE.

Through the use the telephone, OCC offers professional, convenient, and quality counseling services that work for you. No more finding time to travel to a counseling appointment, or putting off a session because life has gotten in the way.

The primary advantage is that you can counsel with someone that is simply not available in your area. Some communities have no trained counselors, and telephone counseling is the only way to get help. But even in large metropolitan areas, it is sometimes difficult to find someone trained in a particular method that you trust.

The convenience and privacy of the telephone are also tremendous advantages. Getting to and from a counseling office can sometimes take hours, which means the client might not be able to receive the support they need. Telephone counseling, on the other hand, is something that can be fit in more easily to busy schedule and does not require anything more than a phone line and a private place to talk.

As the use of Internet and telecommunications services continues to grow, researchers have questioned the practice of telephone counseling for general mental health. But according to a study reported in the April Journal of Counseling Psychology (Vol. 49, No. 2), telephone counseling appears to be an effective psychological practice.

How does Telephone Counseling Work?

Your first phone counseling session will be an intake session that will be 75 minutes long.  The fee for this your intake session will be ¥24,000.  In that session, I’ll get to know you and the current problems you are facing. After our first phone consultation you will be asked to fill out and submit specific client forms.  These forms should be returned prior to our second session. Continuing counseling will be charged at ¥16,000 per 50 minute session. Future appointments can be set up on a regular weekly or bi-weekly basis or can be scheduled at the end of the previous session. All fees should be paid in advance.