Employee Wellness Programs

What creates motivated, contributing people? How do you maintain high employee morale when people work long hours? How does your reward and recognition system contribute to or deflate employee motivation, positive morale and retention? Employee motivation, positive employee morale, rewards and recognition are explored in these resources.

Employee Wellness Programs are aimed at increasing awareness of mental health at work and providing support for businesses in recruiting and retaining staff.

Mental health issues can be sensitive areas for workers. Therefore, it is important to provide information in a variety of ways, worksite presentations being just one possibility.

Stress, depression and anxiety are estimated to be the cause of more working days lost than any other work-related illness. The also contribute to lower productivity while at work. Loss of valued and talented people costs more than money.

With the right support, people can stay in work and be productive. With the right support, you can continue to deliver your business.

Additionally, Employee Wellness Programs can be geared to address whatever issues you find you are in need of to provide the optimal working environment for your employees.