Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Services designed to assist employees, family members and employers in finding solutions for workplace and personal problems. Services can include assistance for family or marital concerns, child care, substance abuse, emotional stress issues and daily living concerns. EAPs may address violence in the workplace, dealing with troubled employees, sexual harassment, transition in the workplace and events that increase the rate of absenteeism or employee turnover, lower productivity and other issues that impact an employer’s financial success or employee relations management. EAPs also can provide voluntary or mandatory access to behavioral health benefits through an integrated behavioral health program. EAPs generally include assessment, short-term counseling and further referral services if necessary for employees and their household members.

What does an EAP provide?

external professional counseling for personal or work related issues;
face-to-face counseling during working hours, or phone counseling after hours

assistance to all employees and their immediate family members;
a completely confidential service;
an information and advice service for managers and supervisors.

The EAP is there to help you attain your potential in life and work - Don't let issues hold you back - deal with them quickly and effectively through the EAP.

Managers and supervisors often times come to us for help figuring out how to address employee performance problems, like chronic absenteeism or tardiness, conflict between two or more workers, inability or refusal to carry out tasks, adversity to change, various kinds of disruptive behaviors, genuine concern about an employee's well-being or ways to enhance group cohesion.

Employees use EAP for help with just about anything that might be affecting them or their performance at work. It may be an on-going conflict with a co-worker or supervisor, unwelcome conduct by others, concern about another employee who's afraid to ask for help directly, loss of interest or motivation in work, coping with unwanted changes, even problems from his or her personal life that are starting to interfere with work.

If in doubt about whether EAP can help with your particular issue, call us and find out.